Lockdown MKII (LD2)– Is it Right to Practice - 8th November '20

Am I Open???

I just wanted to update you on my position on practicing during LD2 as some of you may have heard conflicting advice on if soft tissue therapists can continue to work. 

Here at Smoothing Knots we take safety very seriously, so this page explores the detail behind my decision to offer a scaled down version of my normal service during LD2 (currently 05.11.20 – 02.12.20)

So Yes, I am open during LD2 but business is FAR FROM USUAL

Obviously, numbers of Covid-19 infections are increasing exponentially & this lockdown has been introduced to control that.  The Law clearly states that a person must not leave their house unless there is an official exemption.  Access to Health Services is one of these exemptions but I would ask you to consider the risk if you need an appointment with me.

Unfortunately, this is not the time to be having regular maintenance massages, I know we love them & they help us to manage our bodies both physically & mentally, but if you can hold off for a month or so, then please do.

I am of course very happy to help with any acute injury or chronic pain that you are struggling with but have otherwise decided that from 18.11.20 - 02.12.20, I will operate a modified service.  This will include:

Pre-consultation via phone/zoom/WhatsApp prior to your appointment

An established clinical need to have hands on treatment that is documented

In-clinic treatment time max. 30 minutes

My usual sign off from clients on Covid compliance

Massage will not form the majority of your treatment, my toolset will include various techniques such as STR, PIR, NMT with advice on stretches & strengtheners to assist you in managing the pain or injury.

My charge for this will be £40 for existing clients & £50 for new clients

Why is this?

Since the first lockdown, our professional bodies (ISRM, FHT & SMA) have been lobbying government to get soft tissue therapy to be re-categorised from ‘Close contact services’ to ‘Healthcare’ which means we now fall under the same operating protocols as Physios, Osteopaths & Chiro’s.  We are all very pleased with this latest change, it puts us on a level footing on providing vital healthcare services. This is obviously all providing the clinic & people working there fit the ‘COVID-safe’ criteria. In order to do this, we have to evidence & justify our individual situations & risk assess if we are:

  1. Compliant to practice within current Law
  2. Safe to practice
  3. Happy to practice ourselves, both practically, legally & morally

Based on this, Level 4/5 soft tissue therapists are able to work to treat injury & pain to prevent escalation which may lead to dramatic disruption of daily life activities or lead people to access to NHS services. Effectively I am providing a health service & can remain open, providing I can evidence treatment & meet the stringent criteria for safe practice.  See below

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I wanted to explain this fully.  The government has made it clear, that the wonders of massage, both physical & mental, as you & I know, need to be minimised at this time. This is because spending a long time in a room at such close contact is increasing the risk of transmission especially while the numbers of infections are growing exponentially. When I reopened in July the numbers were down so much that the risk of having an asymptomatic individual into the clinic was very low. Now it is different, that risk has increased hence these new guidelines reflect the stricter controls put in place to mitigate such risk.

Looking forward to seeing you & things being as normal as possible going forward 💪🙏