Prior to your massage

Please wear comfortable clothing to your session. There is no need to wear sports clothing or sports underwear. The techniques I use involve client participation, so be prepared to move around as instructed if you are having sport or remedial treatment

On arrival

Please park on the drive & call ortext me on arrival. I will come out & greet you 

treatment in the light & airy room

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working muscle tightness in the gluteus muscles

During the treatment

My treatment room is in a private house in Mabe Burnthouse, the room is private & on the ground floor . A WC should you require it is available. This ensures you can be guaranteed privacy while being treated and focus on your treatment. If you are having deep tissue massage, you might be lying prone, supine or on your side.  Occasionally I treat sitting &/or standing to take the muscles through their full range of movement

During treatment you will be covered with towels to keep you warm & I will only expose the area that I am treating so your modesty is protected

As massage is a skin-on-skin technique, with an all body massage it is preferable that you remove clothing down to underwear.  If however you feel uncomfortable with this, there are many techniques that I can apply through clothing.  We would discuss this before I treat you

Post-massage care and follow-up

A one-off treatment may be all that you require.  At the end of the session, I will always discuss post-massage care & any follow-up sessions that I feel may be beneficial

I’m not a miracle worker; therefore a one-off treatment is not a ‘fix-all’! – I may provide one or two exercises or stretches to complement the work I have done during the session which should be completed several times a day to assist & speed your

My personal & professional integrity mean that I will be honest if I do not think your injury is soft tissue related.  I might recommend another healthcare professional that might be able to produce better results for your type of injury at its particular stage if I think it appropriate

Data Protection

All client records are confidential & locked in a cabinet to ensure compliance with GDPR & the Data Protection Act 1998. It is a legal obligation that all records are kept for a minimum of 7 years or up to the age of 21 for children

Treating Minors

When treating any child in my clinic (under 18 years of age), adult presence is required, preference being the child’s parent or guardian. If there is no parent present, then written consent is required before treatment is started. The child must voluntarily be willing to be treated