Deep tissue & sport massage treatment

Treatment is primarily a deep tissue massage complemented with a variety of joint mobilisation techniques to work deeper to specific areas of tension. During the treatment, muscles are stretched & lengthened using techniques which physically & neurologically RELEASE them from their CONTRACTED & TIGHT state. Manipulation of the muscles into a RELAXED state reduces tension on joints & other muscular structures, therefore relieving PAIN

This first treatment starts with a brief consultation which includes a medical & lifestyle history & postural assessment. The postural assessment identifies postural imbalance & allows me to try & understand the root cause of the pain. It is an excellent indicator so together we can restore balance & maximise muscle repair on a permanent basis. At the end of your session, normally rehabilitation exercises are provided to continue to maximise the healing process

Other modalities within this treatment

I am a certified Rockblade practitioner & will apply Rocktape where I see it has a benefit for structural & postural issues

As part of your treatment, I may use therapeutic Ultrasound & Infrarential treatment to complement the above work for quick & adaptive healing.  Occasionally it is advantageous to use them in isolation (see fees)

The infrarential pulse delivers small electrical impulses (similar to TENS) to stimulate & relax the muscles in succession.  This makes the treatment superb for chronic treatments where the muscles have got 'stuck' in a contracted pattern

Ultrasound provides a wave of frequency to the targeted muscle or tendon & assists in breaking down scar tissue & adhesion.  As it is painless as a treatment, it is very effective for use on acute & 'fresh' injuries.

All the techniques used are designed to target injury & accelerate healing, working to complement improving range of movement, muscle & joint functionality

If your injury is very recent, you may be advised to R.I.C.E. the injury for up to 72 hours before having treatment

Swedish massage

This type of massage uses relaxing oils & 'long' gliding massage strokes using medium pressure. Depending on your choice, the massage can be slow & gentle or vigorous & bracing & will include techniques gliding, kneading & percussion. It is gentler than deep tissue & aimed more at relaxation, not designed to treat injury

No postural assessment is required for this type of massage & the initial treatment for full body is an hour,with your choice of oils to suit your mood