Sports & Remedial treatment

The Initial consultation is an hour.  This includes a brief medical history & postural assessment which takes between 10 -15 minutes with the rest of the session yours for treatment.

Monday - Thursday 08:00 - 20:00 & Friday 08:00-16:00

 - 30 minute treatment - £30 (post initial consultation)

 - 45 minute treatment - £40 (post initial consultation)

 - 60 minute treatment - £48 (Initial consult)

Saturday 08:00 - 12:00

 - 30 minute treatment - £35 (post initial consultation)

 - 45 minute treatment -£45 (post initial consultation)

 - 60 minute treatment - £55 (initial consult)

Ultrasound and Infrarential (electrical stimulation) treatment only

Ultrasound and Infrarential machine  allows quick and adaptive healing  - often I will use these treatments as part of your wider session.  However, sometimes it is advantageous to use them in isolation

What do they do?

The Infrarential pulse delivers small electrical impulses (similar to TENS) to stimulate and relax the muscles in succession.  This makes the treatment superb for chronic treatments such as upper back, neck and shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, some joint pain and chronic low back pain 

Ultrasound provides a wave of frequency to the targeted muscle or tendon and assists in breaking down scar tissue and adhesions.  As it a 'painless' treatment it is very effective for use on acute or 'fresh' injuries

Sessions of either treatment will vary between 5-20 minutes so please talk to me separately if you wish to have treatment for a target specific injury.  Charges will vary between £15-25 and you will need a minimum of 3 sessions in quick succession to gain maximum benefit


Swedish Massage

Treatment prices as per sports & remedial treatment


Seated Acupressure Treatment

Treats the head, neck, back and arms through clothing - £32


Payment by cash or cheque only please

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Cancellation policy - If you are unable to make your pre-booked appointment, to avoid a cancellation charge, please provide a minimum of 24 hours-notice of change.  You WILL be charged for any missed or late cancellation of appointments if adequate notice period is not given.  This gives me a chance to offer the appointment to someone else. Thanks for your cooperation.

If you are running late for an appointment, please do let me know by phone or text, because I have appointments booked throughout the day. I will try to accommodate a late arrival but this may mean I have to reduce time from your session & charge the full fee

Insurance claims

I am able to provide an invoice summary invoice for insurance claims & private medical insurance

I am a registered practitioner with Simply-Health & Pru-Health

Whiplash claims - where the injury has been advised via x-ray or specialist as muscular-skeletal & no underlying skeletal injuries to the vertebrae has been confirmed, I have had good success in relieving pain associated with whiplash injuries

Session timings

Each session involves preparation time, treatment & post consultation. So effectively with a 45 minute treatment translates to around 35-40 minutes on the couch receiving treatment. An hours treatment will mean 50-55 minutes treatment time

Your first consultation is always an hour. This incorporates a medical history & postural assessment which normally takes between 10 -15 minutes.  The rest of the first session is yours for treatment.