Treatment- sports, deep tissue & swedish

The Initial consultation is 60 minutes.  This includes a brief medical history & postural assessment which takes between 10 -15 minutes with the rest of the session yours for treatment. If you want to book another session after this, then 30, 45 or 60minute slots are available

Monday - Thursday 08:00 - 20:00 Friday 08:00 - 16:00

60 minute treatment - £50

45 minute treatment - £43

30 minute treatment - £32  

Saturday 08:00 - 12:00

60 minute treatment - £60

45 minute treatment - £50

30 minute treatment - £40

Payment by cash or bank transfer only please

Other treatments

Ultrasound & Infrarential (electrical muscle stimulation) treatment only

This treatment via machine allows quick & adaptive healing - I may use this treatment as part of your wider session however sometimes it's advantageous to use them in isolation in which case we would discuss a viable treatment & pricing plan.  Sessions typically would last between 10-20 minutes

What do they do?

The infrarential pulse delivers small electrical impulses (similar to TENS) to stimulate & relax the muscles in succession.  This makes the treatment superb for chronic treatments where the muscles have got 'stuck' in a contracted pattern

Ultrasound provides a wave of frequency to the targeted muscle or tendon & assists in breaking down scar tissue & adhesion.  As it is painless as a treatment, it is very effective for use on acute & 'fresh' injuries.

Seated Acupressure treatment

Treats the head, back, neck and shoulders through clothing in a seated position

30 minutes session - £35


Cancellation policy - If you are unable to make your pre-booked appointment, to avoid a cancellation charge, please provide a minimum of 24 hours notice of change.  You WILL be charged for any missed or late cancellation of appointments if adequate notice period is not given, as this gives me a chance of being able to offer the appointment slot to someone else.  Thanks for your cooperation

If you are running late for an appointment, please do try & let me know by text or phone as this may impact on your session, depending who is booked after you.  I will try & accommodate late arrival but this may mean I have to reduce your session time & still charge the full fee

Insurance Claims

On request, I can provide an invoice for insurance claims & private medical insurance. 

Please check that your provider accepts my treatment type and my registered associate body 'Institute of Sport & Remedial Massage' (ISRM)

Whiplash incidents - where an injury has been advised via MRI and no underlying skeletal injuries to the vertebra have been confirmed, I have good success at alleviating pain associated with whiplash injuries

Session timings

Each treatment session involves preparation time, treatment & post consultation.  So effectively a 45 minute session translates to 40 minutes on the couch receiving treatment.

Your first consultation is always an hour.  This includes a medical history & postural assessment which takes normally between 10-15 minutes.  The rest of the first session is yours for treatment.