10th January 2023

A belated Happy New Year to you all.

I am looking forward to welcoming more new clients into my clinic in Mabe, feedback from the first few new clients in Cornwall have been very positive,so I look forward to welcoming more of you in 2023.

Kind regards

Vicci @ Smoothing Knots

10th November 2022

Looking forward to welcoming new clients following my re-location to Falmouth a few months ago.

Regards Vicci @ Smoothing Knots

10th April 2022

Business as usual here at Smoothing Knots.  I am now accepting new clients again for those I have previously turned away.  Thanks for bearing with me

Regards Vicci  @Smoothing Knots

25th November 2021

It's business as usual here at Smoothing Knots.  For a period at the end of summer & autumn, I got silly busy & had to make the difficult decision not take on any new clients.  Now running at a good pace & ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS. Thanks for bearing with me 

Regards Vicci @ Smoothing Knots

16th August 2021

On the 19th July 2021 the government guidelines changed & it is no longer mandatory for you to wear a face covering, this is now your choice. However, just to be on the safe side (& on advice from my industry body, The ISRM) if you HAVE NOT been DOUBLE vaccinated against Covid-19, I would ask that you wear a mask.  I will be continuing to wear a mask for close quarter head & neck work, and if it makes you feel more secure, for your full visit to the clinic.  Talk to me if you have any concerns.

Now taking on new clients having cleared my backlog of faithful clients from my return in April 21

Thanks all, hope you find some sunshine during the Summer break!

Regards Vicci @ Smoothing Knots

8th April 2021

Trying not to get too excited to open the doors (once again) on Monday 12th April!!

For the next few weeks please bear with me while I work through my long list of existing clients that need me urgently, I haven't been able to work for 4 months so there is quite a backlog, your patience is appreciated 

For the time being I'm having to turn away NEW clients, sorry, if you'd like to join the regulars club, please get in contact but please be aware that its unlikely I will be able to fit you in until middle of May

Thanks everyone, life will return back to normal soon (everything crossed)

Vicci @ Smoothing Knots sport & clinical massage

20th March 2021

Hi everyone, thanks for bearing with & hoping you have all stayed well & safe during this hard time.  Following on from the last Government roadmap, it looks likely that I will be able to get back to helping you from 12th April 2021.  I have everything crossed & am collating a 'long' list of everyone who's been in touch over these past few months.  If you would like to go on the list (sounds rather ominous I know!) drop me a text or email and I will be in touch early April when we understand if this is the actual start date..... & I can start seeing you all again.  

Thanks for bearing with & keep the faith   

Vicci @ Smoothing Knots

1st January 2021

Happy New Year everyone, let's all maintain positivity & hope this one is a more successful one than 2020. Clarity sought from the tier 4 guidance (Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire) has stated that as close contact services (more than 15 minutes in a confined indoor space) I am prevented from working again. 

If you need to talk anything through please contact me & I will be happy to have a Zoom/WhatsApp conversation with you, for advice on stretching, strengthening & other rehabilitation work to keep you pain free through this period. Take care, stick to the rules & keep your family & friends safe... get out in the fresh air, it's the one thing we can do!!

Kind regards

Vicci @ Smoothing Knots sport & clinical massage

19th December 2020

Well, less than 36 hours after I wrote that last update, didn't expect to be writing this one. 

As Berkshire has leapt 2 tiers in less than 24 hours & we now find ourselves in the newly formed 'Tier 4', the current advice is that I am unable to work.  I am more than gutted & am awaiting more advice from my professional bodies interpreting the latest government advice. 

Having considered government advice & risk carefully, as I have a 'vulnerable' local family member attending Christmas Day, I have taken the decision NOT to open in the week running up to Christmas & will review the situation when I have further information.

Chins up everyone, we can get through this, I'll miss seeing my Tier 1 family this Christmas as I am sure you will all miss seeing your loved ones, but hopefully only another few months of pushing through & we can start to see more positive news.

Will post an update regards open status after Christmas.  Stay strong & safe and protect those you love by not breaking the rules & stop this virus spreading.

Kind regards

Vicci @ Smoothing Knots sport & clinical massage

18th December 2020

Once more into the fore my friends! As Berkshire moves into Tier 3 the good news is that I can still remain open and working. Appropriate PPE of course for both myself & compulsory mask wearing & Covid compliance as per usual.  So happy to be able to continue providing service in such tricky times.

26th November 2020

Whoop whoop!! Normal service will be resumed from 08:00 on Wednesday 2nd December. 

Thanks for bearing with me & sticking to the new lockdown MKII measures, I'm now taking bookings for routine treatments & massage. 

Full PPE (for me), mask wearing for you (unless you have medical exemption) plus handwashing obviously still prevails but we have light at the end of the tunnel, despite what 'Tier' locally we are in, I can remain open & treat you.

Kind regards

Vicci @ Smoothing Knots sport & clinical massage

8th November 2020

Yes, I am Open but operating a limited service from Monday 16th November

Hope you are staying safe & well, nuzzling into Lock Down MKII (LD2) 😊

I just wanted to update you on my ‘legal’ & ‘moral’ ability to practice during LD2 as some of you may have heard conflicting advice about if we can practice. For the full detail please read here, but I WILL operate a modified service under LD2

I’m guessing the majority of my regular clients will choose to postpone their appointments but if you are in pain or have an injury please let me know.  I will review the situation when we get closer to the 2nd December deadline & be in touch again then.

Stay safe & well, look after each other & hope to see you on the other side.

Kind regards

Vicci @ Smoothing Knots sport & clinical massage

1st November 2020

Quick update following the Government's National Lockdown briefing Saturday 31st October. 

As soft tissue therapy is classified as 'Close Contact Services' (not Healthcare where it should be...but that's a whole different fight) ......

Smoothing Knots will be unable to offer its services to my regular & new clients from 5th November 2020.  We are ever hopeful to resume normal business in December but will work within government guidelines.  I shall be in contact over the next couple of days with everyone that is booked for November to advise them of the temporary closure.  Here's wishing everyone good health, sticking to the rules so we keep everyone safe during Lockdown MKII. 

As usual, if you have any queries, want some verbal advice on injuries or rehabilitation, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards

Vicci @ Smoothing Knots sport & clinical massage

31st October 2020

This afternoon I have been identified by NHS Track & Trace and ordered to enter a period of self isolation.  This is because, sadly, one of my clients has tested positive for Covid-19 & therefore there is now a legal requirement for me to self isolate until 12th November 2020. The clinic will now be closed until this date & I will be in contact with all clients booked for the period leading up to this date.  Sorry to everyone affected & thanks for the honesty of my positively tested client, wishing them a speedy recovery.

Kind regards

Vicci @ Smoothing Knots sport & clinical massage

6th August 2020

It's great to be open again & seeing so many of my lovely regular clients, even a few new faces.  I'm still working through my existing client list, so thanks for bearing with me.  This statement is to include new Government advice that a Face Covering is now Mandatory (from 08.08.20) when attending the clinic.  I will of course still be wearing my full face visor & face covering👌

Kind regards

Vicci @ Smoothing Knots sport & clinical massage

13th July 2020

Return to Work!

Hurrah, hurrah!!

Following on from Thursday's late Government announcement, I can officially announce that I will be once again opening the clinic doors!! 

Thank you to everyone who has been in contact over the last 110 long days & for your continuing support.  You've all been brilliant & its been good to hear that you have stayed well & Covid free during this time.

So I can announce that from Wednesday 15th July, I will be re-opening & would ask that you give me this week  to get in contact with you all individually & book you a session if you need me.

Please bear in mind that under the new guidance & to keep everyone safe, I will only be able to see a maximum of 5 clients a day & there are currently 115 of you on my urgent list so please be patient & kind as I make a priority those with urgent needs first.

Kind regards

Vicci @Smoothing Knots sport & clinical massage

23rd June 2020

Hope you are well and apologies for the blanket message. 

Following the government announcement today it has been clear that my services are categorised in their simplest term as a ‘massage parlour’ (so hate that term 😡) & therefore I won’t be allowed to reopen (as hinted in the governments previous plan) on 4th July.

There’s a whole movement by our industry standards & professional bodies to contend this categorisation as Physios and Osteo’s can currently work as Healthcare professionals (although face-to-face not advised) but currently, we are Complimentary healthcare & our insurance won’t be valid until this clarity has been sought. It’s a matter of regulation and categorisation & I guess they can’t look at each business individually.

So sadly, I'm still closed & if you have an appointment pre-booked with me then I will have to postpone it (I will be in touch individually). I have no idea when when we will be allowed to reopen again, August earliest but I think the hint is September, let’s hope we don’t have a second wave upon us by then 😳

Pretty gutted, especially as I’ve done comprehensive risk assessments to minimise risk for everyone, upgraded areas where I've thought we can improve safety, including investing heavily in new equipment for the room & copious amounts of PPE 😬

I’ll be in touch when I know more & am taking bookings once more, apologies for messing some of you about & thanks for bearing with me.  This page will be updated as soon as I get the green light....I'm thankful that I have a waiting list of over 100 clients waiting for me to get back to work!

Kind regards

Vicci @ Smoothing Knots Sport & Clinical Massage

13th May 2020

Having now read the governments 'Covid-19 - Our plan to rebuild Strategy' it is clear that soft tissue therapy & massage is part of the Step 3 phase. This indicates that at the earliest, providing the '5-Steps' are met, that 'Personal-Care' services may re-open from 4th July 2020.  During June I will be drawing up a risk assessment of the clinic, which will identify any changes required to working practices.  This will reflect some changes in appointments & I will be communicating changes to all my clients individually with an updated statement issued on this page. 

Again, thank you for bearing with me & keeping yourselves safe in the interim.  Let's not do anything to cause a second wave of this pandemic in this country.  Of course, you can always e-mail me for advice if you are struggling with pain or mobility.

Kind Regards

Vicci @ Smoothing Knots, Sport & Remedial Massage

11th May 2020

So, yesterday the government migrated its message from 'Stay At Home' to 'Stay Alert' & currently we are still closed.  I am waiting for more information on the governments detailed plan this week & advice from my industry body before I make a decision to re-open & how this can be done safely. 

I already have a plan in preparation to make my clinic environment as safe as possible when we can all return to the 'new normal' & will be publishing more detail on this over the next couple of weeks. 

Thank you for bearing with me & keep yourselves safe in the interim.  Let's not do anything to cause a second wave of this pandemic in this country, I will be in touch.  Thanks for bearing with & of course you can always e-mail me for advice if you are struggling with pain or mobility.

Kind Regards

Vicci @ Smoothing Knots Sport & Remedial Massage

27th March 2020

A note of re-assurance? Perhaps to myself but I also hope it helps you too

The draft I started at the beginning of March sang of spring, optimism & new beginnings. It felt fresh, hopeful, & full of excitement. Alas, it wasn't a something that could be edited to make fit with where we are now. 

In all honesty, I'm completely heartbroken. Heartbroken for the families who have lost a loved one.  Heartbroken for all my customers struggling to find ways to generate business & keep themselves & their families in employment. Heartbroken for all the vulnerable clients of my clinic, whose visits are often a physical retreat but also a way to mentally dump all the noise in their minds & leave feeling refreshed & ‘lightened’. Heartbroken for my partners who supply my products & the impact to them, if we aren't here in the future to buy from them.  And for my family who all self employed & suffering the devastating effects on their businesses as the virus grinds the global economy to a halt.

I could go on. However, already, I do see hope in amongst the sadness. Community, compassion, support. Over the last week, I have seen it flooding out of people. I am also encouraged that the UK government has chosen to support the majority of people during these financial & emotionally hard times.

Offers of shopping to be delivered. The promise of seedlings to share. Of recipes swapped. Fierce support for local businesses. Quips & jokes bouncing merrily through cyberspace. Songs of hope recommended.  Good reads to enjoy. Memories provoked, photos of summer & sunnier times brought to the surface. Smiling faces on screens in front of us. People happily volunteering to help wherever however they can. People looking out for their neighbour's and asking, with full hearts, "Are you OK?"

That's what motivates us to keep ongoing. So, for the time being, I will be here, doing what I can to help, mostly in the form of being at the end of a phone & also discovering the new technology of Zoom, where I can set up a chat & consult if you are in pain & want some advice (or just a chat?).  Just contact me if you think I may be able to help….I can give you some stretches & some advice around self-massage that may help to get you through.  Keep yourselves as active and communicative as possible, our little daily rituals will help each day pass, each one another precious memory in these times of great uncertainty & when we all feel scared & frightened.

I will of course be in contact as soon as circumstances change, be assured, in the interim…. 

Wishing you all good health & the ability to stay positive - we can get through this. Please follow the advice & protect our most vulnerable....Stay at Home, Protect the NHS & Save Lives

Kind regards & hope

Vicci @ Smoothing Knots Sport & Remedial Massage

22nd March 2020

Updated response in line with Government Guidelines on Social Distancing on Covid-19

So, no surprise to say that I'm totally gutted for my clients, my fellow colleagues that will also be unable to keep trading for the current period & of course for myself.  My interpretation of this is that Smoothing Knots is classed as a 'massage parlour', personally I hate that term & believe we do such more than that, but I must comply & postpone trading until these Government restrictions are lifted

I still maintain that here at Smoothing Knots we are a 'low-risk' environment, I don't share my clinic space with anyone else, all contact surfaces are wiped between each client & towels & bedding changed

So, if you are in pain & can't work, please drop me an e-mail on my Contact Me Form or a text & I'll respond with 'virtual' advice to get you through this tricky period for us all

Stay Well everyone, lets hope we can all get through this quickly & safely

Regards Vicci @ Smoothing Knots

17th March 2020

It goes without saying that here at Smoothing Knots we always take our hygiene & your health as a priority

I'm happy to say that we are currently a Covid-19 virus free zone, but to re-assure new & existing loyal clients, we have stepped up routine hygiene in order to further protect everyone.  I have a particular concern to ensure the protection of my higher risk group of clients that attend the clinic, those over 70 and/or with complex health conditions & those with underlying compromised immune systems.  This will also enable me (hopefully!) to stay fighting fit to continue treating everyone at Smoothing Knots 

Therefore in these unprecedented times, I'd like everyone to be honest & to follow the advice of the World Health Organisation, the British Government & the Foreign & Commonwealth Office . Therefore, please ask yourself the following before you attend for your appointment:

a) am I feeling unwell, recent new cough or have a high temperature

b) have I returned from a trip from a high risk country in the past 14 days or been in 'significant' contact with someone that has recently returned to the UK from a high risk country (that may or may not be self isolating)

c) is anyone else in my household unwell & been advised by the Government to self isolate

If you answer 'yes' to any of these questions, then please get in contact to postpone your visit

I will not be charging any cancellation fees if you need to postpone last minute due to change in health. I would prefer that  if you feel unwell or think you may be 'at risk' that you postpone rather than take the risk of transmitting on any virus to someone attending later that day or week

I see my clinic as a low risk environment for the ongoing transmission of Covid-19, whilst bodily contact between therapist & client is close, all contact surfaces are being regularly sanitised between clients, hand washing is frequent & standards are in-line with clinical advice.  Whilst we can't avoid risk, these measures, I hope, will help minimise the risk of ongoing transmission

Thank you for your consideration of strange that such a nasty virus could distract us so much from the usual politics & climate change crisis that previously dominated our world!  Let's hope we can contain & minimise risk in the UK (& wider world) so we can all get back to living our lives 'normally' again

This page will be updated regularly but if in doubt follow the recommended Government advice for Covid-19

Kind regards

Vicci Simpson (owner & therapist)