Based in the suburbs of Falmouth with great access & parking, Smoothing Knots has been providing sport & clinical massage to clients since 2012.  For over 10  years, I've had success with many clients, restoring them back to normal movement from either poor working practices (sadly this has grown exponentially with 'Working from Home'), fixing injuries sustained through sporting exploits or postural imbalance.  Some simply book a massage to de-stress!

Primarily the service is sports or deep tissue massage, combined with muscle & joint manipulation techniques to treat immediate symptoms, alleviate long term muscular aches & pains & restore range of movement

Clients requiring a firm but lighter massage will find Swedish therapy advantageous to enhance deep relaxation

It can be a bit daunting selecting a trust-worthy, professional therapist who you can work with, so here are a few reasons you may want to consider Smoothing Knots

The owner is an approachable & mature therapist with a detailed understanding of muscle anatomy & physiology gained through 10 years of an established practice, personal experience & continual professional development

As a level 5 practitioner, training at this levelguarantees clients of skilled & relevant use of advanced muscle manipulation techniques.  All treatments are customised & relevant for the individual as the 'one size fits all' standard massage routine has little value in getting optimum lasting results

As the client, you select from the therapies available to suit your individual needs; this may vary session to session.  If you are unsure which treatment type is best for you, please call & we can talk it through

Treatment takes place in a private ground room that is light & airy to stimulate confidence & relaxation


Still not sure it's for you?

We hope you are convinced...but if not, here are a few more reasons to trust us

  • all my clients are treated equally, with care & individuality
  • as a member of the Institute of Sport & Remedial Massage (ISRM) clients have assurance of commitment to national standards of excellence & professionalism
  • a relaxed atmosphere with opening hours to suit your training schedule & lifestyle
  • a solid client base with over a thousand satisfied customers; the majority of my new work comes from personal recommendation

Watch this short video to see how Smoothing Knots treatments at work - ignore the location, I am now operating in Falmouth!