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I'm Vicci, a qualified clinical remedial & sports massage technician (often referred to as soft tissue therapy) who trained at London School of Sports Massage (LSSM), the premier Sports Massage School in the UK 

Along with my experience of 11 years of practice, my BTEC Level 5 qualification ensures a detailed knowledge of techniques designed to alleviate pain & restore muscular & postural balance. After 10 years of working my own clinic, I've treated about a thousand clients covering most sporting injuries & postural imbalances. I'll be honest with you, if I DON'T think I can help & you need to see another Healthcare professional

Through my extensive working knowledge of the human body's muscle physiology, I trace a clients source of discomfort & pain to the muscle groups, ligaments & tendons and use a range of techniques to manipulate joints & soft tissue, releasing muscle tension & alleviating pain 

A little bit about me

I am generally 'sporty' & active daily. Over the years I've competed in multiple running & cycling events, sprint triathlons & completed the 3 Peaks Challenge in 2008 and 2019!  Recent years have decreased my appetite for competitive events but I am still a keen pleasure cyclist, attend Pilates, Bootcamp and HIIT classes most days, walk several times a day (with my dog Lulu) &  ski every year.  I have also walked all 653 miles of the SW Coast Path!

My full-time love and passion is for surfing, which I am pretty rubbish at considering how long I've been doing it...however I have found is excellent for core strength & keeping the body loose and supple, negating the need to attend an indoor gym & putting a massive smile on your face!  I follow the philosophy that exercise should be challenging but FUN & where possible done in the outdoors.  The sunset beach on my website is the beach that I surf regularly in North Devon & is a very spiritual place for me for health & well-being

What I am passionate about!

In a nutshell, stretching and keep the body flexible

Stretching is fundamental to exercising safely & functional exercises are great for developing good core strength & to maximise mobility & flexibility

Dynamic stretching should ALWAYS be completed as part of a warm up with Static stretching forming part of any cool down after exercise. I am an ardent supporter of Pilates, for myself and clients; it improves posture, makes clients more 'posturally-aware' & sustains the benefits gained from massage treatment

My lifetime experience of semi-competitive sport & understanding first-hand the stress associated with working in a corporate environment ensures clients know of my personal experience as well as training to resolve injuries & strains & reduce stress.  I get a great kick out of alleviating pain, helping people to perform better & feeling passionate about my work

As a member of Institute of Sport and Remedial Massage Therapists (ISRM), clients can be confident of my dedication to applied knowledge of emerging & new soft tissue techniques; the toolset to ensure my clients get optimum results.  

ISRM membership can only be achieved if a member attends regular training & workshops, this ensures high standards are maintained & ISRM members gain continual professional development