Deep tissue massage is a treatment to speed up recovery from injury or chronic (long-term) postural conditions.  The word 'relaxation' is NOT generally associated with treatment !! however the pain is generally described by my clients as  'good pain'..... so even though you may expect a degree of discomfort during treatment, you will know instinctively that it is helping you recover

In general the massage will be firm & at sometimes the techniques applied may be close to the reaches of your pain tolerances. However, it's my priority to work with you to understand your thresholds & ensure you gain maximum benefit at all times throughout the treatment.  I don't think 'no-pain no gain' is a correct application of my skills as the muscle will lock up if in major discomfort, making treatment in-effective

I'll start your treatment with a 'warm-up' to warm up the muscles, eventually working deeper & on specific areas of tension or adhesion.  Some of the range of proven techniques I will use are:

■ soft tissue release (STR)

■ neuromuscular technique (NMT)

■ muscle energy technique (MET)

■ connected tissue massage (CTM)

■ deep friction

■ compression stretch techniques

Where I feel it appropriate, I will use Ultrasound, Infrarential & Rockblade work to complement my treatment.  This allows quick & adaptive healing depending on the type of injury & symptoms 

The Infrarential delivers small electrical impulses to stimulate the muscles making it superb for chronic treatments such as frozen shoulders & chronic low back pain

The Ultrasound assists in breaking down scar tissue & adhesions and as it is 'painless' allows treatment of fresh injuries

Rockblades use a friction technique to stimulate blood flow to targeted areas & are effective on small target specific areas of the body.  The treatment also is less invasive & painful when administered correctly

Postural assessment is an important indicator for me to understand any potential root cause issues that may be causing dysfunction.  Therefore I will look at the body as a whole before commencing treatment & will need a resume of your medical & lifestyle/sporting history