Whether you need to have treatment on a specific injury or simply want to relax & de-stress, Smoothing Knots can help

Choosing the right type of treatment for you is important so here is a resume of the treatments on offer

Deep tissue treatment (sport & remedial)

Penetrating the deeper structures of muscle, fascia & connective tissue, professional deep tissue massage treatment along with joint manipulation & movement gets fast (often immediate) results on sport injuries.  The techniques are also excellent for the release of deep rooted tension & therefore are particularly effective for those with chronic (long-term) aches and pains or medical conditions

Swedish massage treatment

Based on the principles of anatomy & physiology, this popular professional massage is gentler than deep tissue, performed at a slower pace, it is aimed at deep relaxation. Swedish massage is not specifically designed to treat injury however its rhythmic effect is a superb way to de-stress and calm both body & mind